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Virtual Attendees and Onsite Attendees: Access to session virtual archive is now available: https://flippedlearning.eduvision.tv/Default.aspx  1. Log in* -   username:  your email* password:  flipcon13 2. Below the video on the default page is a channel drop down menu. 3. Click on 2013 Fipped Conference You will see all the videos available for your viewing.  Presenter resources are available by clicking on the link in the description.

* If you registered after June 11, you were asked to setup your own login credentials that you will use to access the videos. 

Virtual attendees:  Provide your feedback and receive your Certificate of Participation: http://bit.ly/virtual-certificate

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Deb Day

Cresco, Iowa
Deb has been part of the Howard-Winneshiek school district in NE Iowa since 1989. She spent three years working as an associate in the special ed department, and 15 as a 7th grade English teacher before moving to her current position teaching high school English classes. Deb is always looking for authentic writing experiences for her students, so she started her freshmen blogging in 2012. In 2013 they joined a blogging community with students in other parts of Iowa.

Deb is active on social media and you can follow her on Twitter at @mrsday75

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