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Tuesday, June 18

10:45am CDT

35-Adding Game Based Learning to a Flipped Classroom

The flipping approach has evolved and teachers are hungry for more than just videos to add to their content library. In this presentation, I will share a multitude of resources for using Game Based Learning with flipped content. From simple game based homework activities to restructuring a teacher website or LMS to include a game based framework for the resource library, we will briefly explore the whole spectrum. Participants will also leave with many resources and to continue exploration.

avatar for Corey Papastathis

Corey Papastathis

Instructional Coach - Educational Technology
My first implementation of flipped classroom methods didn't actually move any content delivery outside of class time. I used these strategies to clone myself while teaching computer forensics and computer game design. I implemented mastery learning and had students moving through... Read More →

Tuesday June 18, 2013 10:45am - 11:45am CDT
What's Next & Global-E204 E204

10:45am CDT

46-Puttin' the Parts Together

Confused about how to incorporate the "Flip" in the age of Standards Based Grades while pushing towards Asynchronous Mastery Learning? How about making this all work with high-stakes testing or new standards in the elementary level? Sound too imposing? Come hear some ways it all of these seemly disparate ideas can come together and flourish.

I have taught upper elementary for 22 years, and I have employed the Flipped Class paradigm for the last two across the curriculum. In this session, I will share ideas strategies and resources that have worked well for me as well as encourage the asking of questions about how to integrate all of these parts into a cohesive whole (while retaining your sanity).5

avatar for Doug Hinkle

Doug Hinkle

5th Grade Teacher, The daVinci Academy
Doug has taught 5th grade in D20 for the past 24 years.   He was one of the first elementary educators in the nation to use the flipped classroom idea, starting with math.  In doing this he was able to completely individualize and differentiate for students of all abilities and... Read More →

Tuesday June 18, 2013 10:45am - 11:45am CDT
Mastery Learning Plus- D206 D206

10:45am CDT

110-Spotlight on English Language Arts
Open forum & discussion with introduction by subject host for English Language Arts. What works best for ELA and Flipped Learning?

avatar for April Gudenrath

April Gudenrath

Educator, Discovery Canyon High School
April Gudenrath has been part of the Flipped movement for over six years. She has consulted around the world for schools on how to best use their class time. She is also a published author on this subject. Currently she teaches in the IB Senior English and Theory of Knowledge programmes... Read More →
avatar for Amie Trahan

Amie Trahan

Teacher, Vandebilt Catholic High School
Amie M. Trahan, 8th grade Honors ELA and 12th grade skills English teacher @ Vandebilt Catholic High School in Houma, LA. • Happily married for 20 years, have 1 daughter who will be a junior and driving soon.• I’ve been teaching for 18 years, 3 years public school, 15 years... Read More →

Tuesday June 18, 2013 10:45am - 11:45am CDT
English Language Arts-D216- Media Center D216- Media Center

1:15pm CDT

37-Using Technologies and Groups to Enhance Individualized, Active Learning

Explore the effect of technology and group work on active learning, individualized instruction, and problem solving and communication skills. Be able to accommodate multiple learning styles and put students in charge of their education. Help every student individually, every class.

Planned Outcomes:
Instructors will learn strategies to enable the following outcomes:
Students become more engaged in material (active learning).
Instructor shifts responsibility for education to student.
All material is covered on time.
Individualizes instruction
Addresses multiple learning styles.
Students learn traits desired by employers.
communication –written and oral
work in groups
solve problems
show initiative
computer skills

avatar for Elaine Kohrman

Elaine Kohrman

Assistant Professor, Somerset Community College
Elaine Kohrman is an assistant professor at Somerset Community College in Somerset, KY. I have been a biology instructor for 6 years, lately specializing in Human Anatomy and Physiology. I have flipped my Human Anatomy and Physiology I course the past semester and am flipping both... Read More →

Tuesday June 18, 2013 1:15pm - 2:15pm CDT
Higher Education-D204 D204

1:15pm CDT

47-Flipping your classroom with Peer Instruction: How to turn your students' worlds right side up

Instructors all over the globe are turning their students' worlds right side up by flipping their classrooms. In a flipped class, teachers typically move information coverage out of formal class meetings so that they can better leverage in-class time to address student difficulties or misconceptions. Flipped learning is much more than watching videos and doing homework in class. In this session, Dr. Julie Schell will introduce one research-based flipped method called Peer Instruction. A primary goal of Peer Instruction is to radically transform students’ in-class experiences. Originally developed for use in college physics at Harvard University, thousands of teachers currently use Peer Instruction in many disciplines with many different age groups, all over the world. Participants of this session will learn how flipped learning with Peer Instruction works, participate in a live demonstration, and test out different types of classroom response systems, from low-tech options to state-of-the art learning technologies.

avatar for Julie Schell

Julie Schell

Senior Research Associate, Harvard University
Dr. Julie Schell is the senior educational researcher within the Mazur Group of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University and an instructional designer at the Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Texas at Austin. She studies innovative... Read More →

Tuesday June 18, 2013 1:15pm - 2:15pm CDT
Research - E 202 E202

2:30pm CDT

F3-7 Ways to Flip, 6 Ways to Blend

Flipped Classroom is a “rotation” type of Blended Classroom. There are a variety of ways to use flipped classroom in combination with with other pedagogical approaches, such as project based learning, universal design for learning, or Challenge Based Learning. All flipped classrooms are types of blended classrooms, but not all blended classrooms are flipped classrooms. What are some of the ways a teacher can flip a classroom? What are some other ways to use blended learning in a classroom or a school that can be used to replace flipped classrooms or to compliment flipped classrooms? This session will explore a variety of flipped classroom styles and use a single classroom example to illustrate the variety of possibilities for blended learning beyond flipped classroom.

avatar for Wayne Feller

Wayne Feller

Technology & Innovation Coach, Stillwater Public Schools
Innovation coaching is unique for each teacher. Grade level, content area, teaching style, interests, and context of experience affect choices and potentials. Amassing an arsenal of tools is not enough. Innovation is a continuous practice of applying skills and ingenuity to the... Read More →

Tuesday June 18, 2013 2:30pm - 3:30pm CDT
Featured Speaker Sessions D205 D205

2:30pm CDT

7-Utilizing Stations in an Elementary Flip Class
Session will focus on the idea of utilizing stations or centers in an elementary flip class, especially in the area of mathematics. Discussion will explore what stations would look like within a flip class format, as well as outline new ideas, resources, and personal experiences. 

avatar for Amber Mueller

Amber Mueller

5th Grade Teacher
Amber Mueller, 5th grade teacher at Lily Lake Elementary in Stillwater, MN. I have been teaching for the past two years, and have been fortunate enough to have taught 5th grade both years. Throughout that time, I have had the opportunity to experience the power of flipped learning... Read More →

Tuesday June 18, 2013 2:30pm - 3:30pm CDT
What's Next & Global-E204 E204

2:30pm CDT

130-Spotlight on Social Studies/History
Open forum & discussion with introduction by subject host for Social Studies. What works best for Social Studies/History and Flipped Learning?

avatar for George Phillip

George Phillip

Director of Technology Integration, The Stanley Clark School
For the past 11 years, I have been a 5th and 6th-grade social studies teacher, Director of Technology Integration, and Social Studies Department Chair at The Stanley Clark School. A Co-Ed Independent Day School located in South Bend, IN. As an educator, it is my job to inspire life... Read More →
avatar for Kathy Swanger

Kathy Swanger

High School History Teacher, Marion City Schools
After 26 years of teaching, I decided to flip the teaching of my history classes. As a first year flipper (choosing to ignore all good, sound advice), I dove into the deep end head first. Year 27 of teaching has been amazing. I teach in a city high school with lots of socio-economic... Read More →

Tuesday June 18, 2013 2:30pm - 3:30pm CDT
Social Studies/History-D216-Media Center D216-Media Center
Wednesday, June 19

9:45am CDT

150-Spotlight on Elementary
Open forum & discussion with introduction by subject host for Elementary. What works best for elementary classes and using Flipped Learning?

avatar for Barbara  Barker

Barbara Barker

Teacher, Forest Grove School District
My name is Barbara Barker, a former NASA NEW teacher, Intel Teach to the Future Master Teacher and Senior Trainer, a project based teacher primary teacher, Parent Technology trainer, and numerous leadership positions. My joy is inspiring others to transform learning for students in... Read More →
avatar for DeLyn  Beard

DeLyn Beard

eLearning Coach, EVSC
B.S. - Elementary Ed., M.S. - Special Ed., M.Ed. - Ed. Leadership I have been a teacher for 17 years, and have taught all grade levels K-8. My first 9 years were spent teaching students with special needs - learning disabilities, emotional disabilities, etc. I attended #Flipcon12... Read More →
avatar for Amber Mueller

Amber Mueller

5th Grade Teacher
Amber Mueller, 5th grade teacher at Lily Lake Elementary in Stillwater, MN. I have been teaching for the past two years, and have been fortunate enough to have taught 5th grade both years. Throughout that time, I have had the opportunity to experience the power of flipped learning... Read More →

Wednesday June 19, 2013 9:45am - 10:45am CDT
Elementary-D216-Media Center D216-Media Center
  3-Subject Spotlight, Elementary

1:15pm CDT

F6-Flipped Professional Development -D205

Come discover the power of Flipped PD! Learn how Stillwater Area Public Schools uses video resources for teacher professional development. Discover powerful tools used to identify teacher interests and ability, record meeting information, and create personalized content. As a result, professional development is personalized, differentiated and leads to sustainable growth as well as engaging projects for students!

Technology and Innovation Coaches in Stillwater Area Public Schools have developed a model of professional development that utilizes powerful technology tools for personalized and differentiated instructional coaching for teachers. Research shows that coaching is the most effective way for teachers to transfer and implement new learning into the classroom. Creating digital resources for teachers to access outside of face-to-face time allows the time spent with coaches to be meaningful and beyond the basics.

Come and learn how Technology and Innovation Coaches use Google Apps to record teacher goals and interests, communicate information, and share resources between groups of teachers. Find out about the FOUR types of videos that are created for teacher professional development. These videos include typical how-to videos and project ideas as well as personalized videos intended to communicate specific information.  Ideas for starting Flipped PD at your school will be shared!

avatar for Kristin Daniels

Kristin Daniels

Innovation Coordinator, Cambridge-Isanti Schools
I am a former classroom teacher (middle school science) who transitioned into a technology integration role in 2006. My passions are collaboration and innovation in the hopes of helping teachers to shift their thinking towards creating more student-centered classrooms and schools... Read More →

Wednesday June 19, 2013 1:15pm - 2:15pm CDT
Featured Speaker Sessions D205 D205

1:15pm CDT

170-Spotlight on Special Education & English Language Learners
Moderated open forum & discussion about accommodating diverse learners in flipped learning:  Special Education and English Language Learners

avatar for Helaine W. Marshall

Helaine W. Marshall

Professor of Education and Director of Language Education Programs, Long Island University - Hudson
Helaine W. Marshall, professor of education and director of language education programs at Long Island University-Hudson, has over 40 years of experience in TESOL. Her work focuses on culturally responsive approaches for students new to formal educational contexts and the hidden agenda... Read More →
avatar for Susan Schlicht

Susan Schlicht

Psychology Instructor, St. Cloud Technical & Community College
Susan Schlicht teaches Psychology courses at St. Cloud Technical & Community College. She has a Master's Degree in Special Education and Doctorate Degree in Educational Policy and Leadership. She is co-author of "Engagement and Interaction," an interactive module within a MnSCU training... Read More →

Wednesday June 19, 2013 1:15pm - 2:15pm CDT
English Language Learner(ELL) & Special Education-D216-Media Center D216-Media Center

2:30pm CDT

F7-No Flipping Homework

My presentation will be fun and interactive. I will take a light-hearted approach to this touchy topic. We will look at the research that shows both the pros and cons of homework. We will discuss and give examples of practical ways homework can be eliminated or reduced from any classroom at any level.

avatar for Brian Bennett

Brian Bennett

Academic Solutions Engineer, TechSmith
I'm a former teacher (and still a teacher at heart) now working with TechSmith to help teachers become successful with digital content in their class.


Brett Clark

I am the Director of Technology for Great Clark Schools in Southeast Indiana. Before that I worked in Evansville as a math teacher and eLearning coach. I flipped my math class my last semester in the classroom and have flipped professional development the last two years.

Wednesday June 19, 2013 2:30pm - 3:30pm CDT
Featured Speaker Sessions D205 D205

2:30pm CDT

160-Spotlight on Music,Health & PE

Open forum & discussion with introduction by host for Music, Art & Health classes. What works best for other subject sessions using Flipped Learning?

avatar for Katie Krueger

Katie Krueger

High School Choral Director and 5th Grade General Music, Byron Public Schools
This is my 10th year teaching elementary music in Byron, MN. Throughout my career, I have always been one to try out new technologies as they become available. After using a shared set of iPads for two years, I am now in my second year with my own classroom set. This is my third... Read More →
avatar for Brad  Troeger

Brad Troeger

Health & Physical Education Teacher, Janesville Craig High School
Married 17 years 4 Children M.S.E - Curriculum & Instruction M.S.Ed - Counseling Teaching 17 years (Health & Physical Education) Full Flip (2012-13 school year) Janesville High School Teacher of the Year award (2008) Just finished my first year of a flipped/blended... Read More →

Wednesday June 19, 2013 2:30pm - 3:30pm CDT
Music, Health & PE - D216-Media Center D216-Media Center

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